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Why Firefly

An Energy Storage System is a lot more than just a battery

Generating energy is one challenge, but storing it so it can be used conveniently is another. Energy storage is a service that allows the consumer to get access to power when and where it is needed.

Firefly designs and builds Energy Storage Systems for a range of applications across a variety of sectors. Our products and services are used for permanent or temporary installations, where there is full grid, some grid or no grid. Sometimes the grid is too expensive to use or at least at certain times can be set at peak pricing. Other times the grid is weak and unreliable or just not available at the level you need, or the grid is not available at all in your location. This might be because you are on a construction site, you’re at a festival, or you live many miles away from the grid.

We have designed our energy storage systems to work with multiple power sources be it renewables, the grid, a diesel generator, or a combination of all three. We’ve gone further than building a smart battery, we’ve built a whole range of solutions to address the energy storage problem. We can take in power from anywhere and manage it out to wherever it’s required. We can monitor and report on it at any time, all through a simple interface available on all internet connected devices.

At the core of our system is 50,000 hours of R&D time, providing you with the most flexible and durable solutions that meet your needs in the most cost effective way. Our system optimises the power coming in, controls and manages its batteries to maximise their performance and life expectancy, and controls the outputs.  We support our products throughout their life and finally we take them back and recycle them so we really can say we have a sustainable philosophy.

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