build comission energy storage systems
build comission energy storage systems
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Firefly designs and builds Energy Storage Systems for a range of applications across a variety of sectors

Our products and services are used where:

  • There is no grid
  • The grid is intermittent and you need a flexible Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • The grid capacity is limited but you need peak power at certain times
  • Where the price varies according to time of use
  • Where surplus power is being wasted i.e. solar generation when there is no one to use it

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) is the heart of a system of energy generation and load management. Firefly ESS works with multiple power inputs; grid, renewables, and diesel. It manages the outputs to optimise usage and minimise energy wastage. At the core of the Firefly system is an energy management system, which can automatically balance the loads with the best mix of inputs and ensure you have reliable low cost power.

We provide the hardware, the software, the monitoring and the maintenance so you have a fully supported and integrated seamless service.  Whether you are a commercial user looking to save money, an agricultural user looking to manage peak loads, a remote user with no access to power, or a construction site running diesel generators – Firefly ESS provides the most cost effective way to manage your energy needs.

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