Energy Storage for Petrol Stations

  • Resilience against grid failure
  • Self-consume roof mounted solar
  • Reduce diesel generator use
  • Support EV charging

Service Station


Petrol stations are the final stage of the global energy network built to supply petrol and diesel to just about everywhere on the planet. This vast network of outlets needs electricity not only to operate the pumps but also to power the convenience stores, workshops, garages and industrial units that so often accompany them. Owners have developed these additional services to make the most of these substantial assets.

Many service station owners are already installing solar on the roof of the forecourt, which can then be connected to the grid. But many petrol stations are off-grid and use diesel generators. However, grid connected or not, energy storage can play an important role. Increasing numbers of electric vehicles (EV) will change the nature of service stations.

Energy storage enables improved resilience for electricity supplied by the grid or diesel generators, self-consumption of any roof mounted solar and will support multiple and rapid EV charging.

Firefly energy storage systems are perfectly designed to be installed on or near the forecourt.


  • UPS/ back up power
  • CCTV
  • Security lighting
  • Pumps
  • Office/ shop equipment
  • Communications/ payment systems


With a diesel generator

  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce CO2, NOx and PM emissions
  • Reduce noise

Grid Connected

  • UPS
  • Increase capacity of restricted grid connection


  • Diesel generator
  • Grid connect
  • Stand-alone
  • Solar PV


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