Manage your costs

  • Avoid Time of Use Tariff charges
  • Provide UPS security
  • Manage peak loads



Peak Power

In many industries there is a need for high power demand, but not all the time. In such a situation you have little choice but to size your energy supply around the peak loads.

What if you could size your system around the average and serve the peak loads in a smarter, cheaper way?  This would reduce costs and reduce your exposure to grid charges.

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) can work in two ways:

1. Using an ESS you can store power during the normal times when energy consumption is lower and discharge at specific times to specific loads as required, a  bit like trickle charging your car battery.

2. An ESS can also provide instantaneous surge power of 400% so the loads can vary without the grid input breakers activating or fuses blowing.

Time of Use Charges

Time of use charges for commercial/ industrial operations are typically 25% of the bill and the seasonal Triads add additional costs.  ESS give you a means to break the cycle and manage when you use power.

In addition to the challenges outlined above, Firefly’s ESS can support a variety of commercial and industrial applications including Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and self-consumption of on-site renewables.


  • Peak shaving
  • Load shifting
  • Self-consume on-site renewables
  • UPS


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