Manage your own energy

  • Avoid time-of-use charges
  • Integrate with smart metering
  • Maximise the benefit of renewables
  • Monitor your usage
  • Keep the lights on during a power cut
  • Benefit your environment



Today, if you have solar panels on your roof, part of the Feed In Tariff (FIT) is based on the deemed export, i.e. how much power flows from your house back on to the grid.  This is to other people’s benefit and avoids the need for big centralised power stations to supply the power. Which is all well and good for those with FIT agreements but not so good if you don’t, or if you plan to install solar in the future with no subsidy. Over time, the roll out of smart meters will mean that not only will you know how much electricity you used, but when.

As has been mentioned elsewhere, the challenge for The National Grid to keep the lights on requires a better balance to get the most out of the network. Not only will smart meters lead to the deemed export becoming evidentially false it could mean that this benefit is removed altogether. So here you are, with a solar system that is generating during the day but you’re not home. How about if you could store that surplus capacity for when you needed it? Not only would you get the benefit yourself, but in fact you will be helping The National Grid by using the stored electricity at peak times.

Home storage isn’t just for people with PV solar panels or micro wind on their houses; it is for anyone who wants to shield themselves from variable electricity prices; where you want the benefits of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or because you recognise the contribution you can make to the national challenge.

As the popularity of home energy storage grows, we will see the growth of community energy schemes, where groups of people benefit from managing their electricity at a local level. Not only does this give people immediate financial benefits, but it helps us all take part in the fight against climate change and air pollution.

Firefly’s Energy Storage System – the ES range, is designed to fit into your home so you can become part of the Firefly community, part of the energy revolution.

Discover Firefly’s ES Range


  • Avoid peak electricity charges
  • Self-consume renewable energy
  • UPS


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