Mobile Temporary Power Generators International Aid

Resolve logistical challenges with Hybrid Power

  • Power plants may be damaged or destroyed during a disaster
  • Finding, obtaining and delivering diesel fuel to power generators is difficult within high risk areas and usually very expensive
  • Power is vitally needed for the Cold Chain; refrigeration, vaccines, ice packs etc.
  • Lifesaving equipment and hospitals need reliable, consistent power 24 hours a day.
  • Sourcing replacement parts and maintaining diesel generators is problematic.


Emergency Response & Development


Hybrid Energy Storage Systems for Refugees, Aid Workers & Hospitals

Firefly provide safe, clean, quickly-deployed sustainable power for disaster relief that can be used anywhere in the world. Our portable sustainable energy systems, engineered to the highest standards, are suitable for field hospitals, refugee camps, lighting and pumping water.

Providing power is an essential part of disaster relief and reconstruction. Recognising the role that renewable energy can play in delivering remote power, the UK government’s Department for International Development (DfID) currently use our Cygnus Hybrid Power Systems for disaster relief.

The Cygnus® units provide refugees, aid workers and communities with clean, silent power for lighting, phone charging, radios and computers. This means that essential services and communications can be maintained without relying on regular fuel supplies from the outside, as well as eliminating noise and exhaust fumes.

We provide training to enable local workers to use the Cygnus® units. Whilst the Cygnus® is designed to be simple to use, our continuous in-the-field training is an important part of our product innovation process. Being in the field to support users, allows us to continually collate feedback and actively progress in product development. Wherever you are in the world, you can be reassured that our hybrid Energy Storage Systems have the capabilities to meet the needs of disaster relief requirements.


  • IT and Medical Equipment
  • Vaccination medical centres
  • Satellite phones and internet communications
  • Cold Chain supply
  • Security and safety systems for refugees and aid workers
  • Pumping water
  • Lighting in the field


  • Portable, quick to deploy and simple setup
  • Reduce or eliminate the requirements for diesel fuel – fewer logistical fuel supply issues
  • Safety of staff uncompromised with no exposure to the dangers of transporting fuel
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Cost effective solution – allows valuable monetary funds to be used elsewhere
  • Improves utilisation of logistical transport resource
  • Breakdowns and spare part requirements eliminated
  • Autonomous running and low maintenance – free up valuable engineers time
  • Dependable power that doesn’t compromise medical procedures
  • Enables Emergency Supply Chains to improve power planning
  • Remote monitoring and asset control functionality from anywhere in the world
  • Zero Carbon Emissions – Eliminates Health and Safety risks
  • Silent power day and night, without vibration


  • Real time remote monitoring
  • Field training
  • Multi-lingual documentation
  • Remote technical support
  • International shipping
  • Renewable power consultancy


Case Studies

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