Rural Off Grid Solar Hybrid Power Barn

Energy Storage Systems

  • No access to mains grid?
  • Need a reliable grid connection?
  • Too expensive to connect to the mains grid?
  • Experiencing increasing energy tariffs?
  • Need accurate monitoring of performance?



Use of System Charges typically account for 25% of electricity bills. As the grid evolves, with reduced marginal capacity, increased renewables (intermittent and base load) and a wider range of volatile loads (such as EVs) the costs passed down to commercial users is likely to increase. Time of use charges are becoming more important. So saving money by shifting your power demand to another time of day, thus avoiding the grid at peak times, means you can avoid DUoS Red band charges and Triads. ESS allow you to control your energy, obtained from the grid at a cheaper time of day or a surplus from a renewable energy system, such as wind or solar.

One way to avoid these grid costs, would be to install a renewable energy system and change when you use the energy to match when there is an abundance. This is a partial solution and can limit operational requirements of a business.

Another way, is to install a diesel generator so that you can produce your own power when the grid is too expensive. Diesel generators are relatively cheap to buy, but operating costs will stack up over time, particularly as oil prices continue to rise. You may not even be allowed to run a generator in certain locations because of the toxic air pollution it produces. It won’t help any sustainability targets given the CO2 that will be produced. Routine use of a diesel generator could generate bad publicity and complaints from neighbours, customers and the wider community.

Alternatively, installing an energy storage system to manage loads, provide storage for any on-site renewable generation and to protect operations against grid failure will deliver a clean, smart power solution with a competitive lifetime cost. Firefly’s Remote Fleet Management platform, Glow®,  provides the visibility to manage and report on performance remotely, enabling you to optimise operational efficiencies.


  • Peak shaving
  • Load shifting
  • UPS
  • Self-consumption of on-site renewables


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