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    Regulated / Unregulated

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    YouPower 12V PedGen Inverter

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    YouPower Energy Display Board

PedGen Regulated / Unregulated


The Firefly YouPower PedGen is designed to generate electricity from a standard bicycle. It is compatible with wheel sizes from 24″ to 700C/28″ and tyres of varying widths. Most bikes will not require any modification; they can be attached and disconnected with ease. Some bikes may require an axle extender or suitable skewer** (included with purchase).

What’s Included?

1 x Regulated PedGen
1 x User Manual
1 x Skewer
1 x Axle Extender


The regulated version provides two outputs:

Firstly a regulated output, factory set at 12.5 V DC***. This is commonly used with a car accessory socket and will allow connection of anything that can be plugged into a car. Examples of this are mobile phone charging, the PedGen inverter and powering of small electronic devices.

Secondly, an unregulated output can be used for charging a suitable battery or battery bank, such as the Pyxis Power Pack. This is also used when the PedGen is used in conjunction with the LED Power Display.


Example Uses

  • Phone charging at events- very popular at outdoor events where main electricity is not available
  • Education- powering of devices with different power requirements can be felt immediately by the bike rider. Great for illustrating power demands and the energy required to power different devices
  • Emergency Power Generation- can be used to provide direct lighting, or powering and charging of electronic devices
  • Fitness- can be used as part of a fitness regime for capturing the energy used while training and powering devices directly or charging batteries for
  • Competition- used in conjunction with the LED Display or the YouPower Sensor, a competitive element is added for use at events, cycling clubs etc.



The PedGen is provided with a 2 Year Standard Warranty

To hire or purchase, please email or phone us on +44 (0)1273 40 95 95.

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