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Firefly – Clean Energy

Firefly is an innovative cleantech company headquartered in the UK. We are a leading designer and manufacturer of Energy Storage Systems for a range of applications across a variety of sectors.

Every single person on the plant uses energy to some extent. Those of us in wealthier countries have big power stations connected to our homes and offices by huge electricity networks. Many other people exist with much less state wide infrastructure and some exist with almost nothing at all, but we all need energy to light our homes, cook our food, heat or cool our houses, our hospitals, and our schools. The hundreds of millions of people in the developing world need power even if they don’t yet have it, they still need it to lift themselves out of poverty.

​The traditional way of producing energy has been to build big expensive centralised networks connecting everyone to the grid. In parallel we have built transport networks fuelled by petrol and diesel to carry us about our business and along the way we have burnt so much fossil fuel that we have released a store of CO2 that has been locked away for the last 100 million years.

But today we are facing several fundamental issues, climate change, air pollution, and rising costs that mean we are having to change the way we generate and consume energy. It won’t have escaped your attention that there has been something of a revolution in energy generation as we see increasing numbers of wind and solar farms and solar panels on people’s houses and this revolution is barely begun and now the next phase of the revolution is unfolding, Energy Storage.

Litres of Diesel Fuel now Saved!

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Firefly offer clean energy solutions for a range of demanding industrial applications that improve efficiency, cut costs and reduce environmental impact. We work with EPC contractors, plant hirers and utility providers internationally to deliver innovative power products in the harshest of environments.

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We provide hybrid power generators for use at festivals and events through our network of specialist power providers. Working with festival organisers, film & TV producers, agencies & brands, we advise on powering events sustainably to inspire, entertain and make lasting impact without costing the earth.

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Aid & International Development

Firefly work with NGOs and development agencies to provide practical solutions that deliver access to sustainable energy. Whether for disaster response or long-term development, Firefly’s end-to-end services range from design and manufacture, installation and training to operations and maintenance.

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