Energy Storage Systems (ESS) can used where there is a grid connection because they can reduce infrastructure costs and electricity bills.


Electricity grids have to cope with enormous fluctuation in demand. Simple economics dictates that you should use the cheapest means of generating energy, whenever it’s available. However,  as your demand peaks, you may have to increasingly turn to other sources of energy generation. These by definition are not the cheapest solutions and usually mean using the oldest solutions, which also tends to mean the most polluting and inefficient generators are brought into action.

Still, there is finite capacity in the grid and so, as the loads get close to the maximum capacity, the grid operator has to do something to keep the lights and power on. This is achieved by charging different rates for electricity depending on the time of usage.

A domestic electricity bill is largely just a day rate and a night-time rate. However, this is not true for commercial and industrial users. The roll out of smart meters means we will all be charged for when we use electricity; we will be incentivised to use it when it is cheapest for the grid to supply it and we will be penalised, financially, when it is used at peak times.

Therefore, if you could collect and store electricity while it was cheap, you could use it when you needed it – saving money by avoiding having to use on-grid energy at peak times.

Infrastructure Costs

Even if you do have access to the grid, it may not be sufficient for your peak needs. For example, perhaps you are choosing where to relocate your factory and have processes that intermittently have high power demands. If this peak demand is beyond the capacity of your grid connection, then you’d either not be able to relocate there or have to pay the local Network operator to upgrade your connection, which can be very expensive. Alternatively, you could store electricity in such a way as to collect it over a long time and use it very quickly; ESS can help you achieve this.

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