Hybrid Energy Storage Systems

Hybrid systems take multiple inputs such as renewables (solar/wind), diesel generators and the grid and optimises how they are used to minimise costs and maximise utility.  When the grid is unreliable or non-existent you need an alternative source of power which is often a diesel generator and, more recently, solar power. But this still falls short of the optimal solution, especially when diesel is often very expensive and very polluting.

How about having a system that can bring all of this together and provide reliable power cheaply and cleanly? Combining and managing multiple power supplies and matching that to the building and the building management system requires an Energy Management System.

Our Energy Storage Systems (ESS) optimise the performance of these various items, minimising diesel runtime, storing solar PV surplus and bridging the gap when the grid collapses. The ESS will also control the various electrical circuits according to a priority schedule of business needs.

With Firefly’s intelligent systems, you can run off-grid reliably, you won’t be so dependant on expensive diesel, you can make the most out of your power without squandering what is, after all, a precious resource.

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