Arcturus Integrated Hybrid Diesel Generator
Arcturus Integrated Hybrid Diesel Generator
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Firefly – Clean Energy

Firefly is an innovative cleantech company headquartered in the UK. Our capabilities include the design and manufacture of Hybrid Power Generators for industry, Off-Grid Power Systems for emergency response and development projects, renewable energy storage solutions that reduce grid dependence, and turnkey solutions for temporary power applications.

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Innocent Un-plugged Firefly Hybrid Solar100% Clean Energy for Innocent’s New Un-Plugged Festival
Firefly is excited to announce they will be powering Innocent’s inaugural “Un-Plugged” festival in late May. The festival is aimed at adults looking to get a break from modern technology. As the name suggests, the whole festival will be completely … Find out more >


home - industry

Firefly offer clean energy solutions for a range of demanding industrial applications that improve efficiency, cut costs and reduce environmental impact. We work with EPC contractors, plant hirers and utility providers internationally to deliver innovative power products in the harshest of environments.

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Events & Broadcast


We provide turnkey low emission temporary power, technical and creative services for events. Working with festival organisers, film & TV producers, agencies & brands, from conception to implementation; we deliver sustainable events that inspire, entertain and make lasting impact without costing the earth.

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Aid & International Development

Aid International Development

Firefly work with NGOs and development agencies to provide practical solutions that deliver access to sustainable energy. Whether for disaster response or long-term development, Firefly’s end-to-end services range from design and manufacture, installation and training to operations and maintenance.

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Residential & Commercial

Off Grid Independant Solar Power

We work with land and property owners to provide access to clean energy from their estate. Urban or remote, our clean energy solutions provide independence from the grid, back up in the event of power failure and energy storage to support solar and wind installations in the UK and internationally.

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